The sum of all test strategies in one test system

The MTS300 SIGMA is designed by Digitaltest to meet the demands of todays systems: flexibility, high fault coverage and easy programming.

Flexibility is guaranteed by the modular design and the many test methods it offers.

Also, as a result of its modular design, the MTS300 SIGMA can be optimally configured for current needs without limiting the possibilities of future expansion.

Future changes to individual test methods, as well as to the number of test system pins, can be easily performed with the MTS300 SIGMA.

The system is designed for high throughput; with up to 1,000 measurements/sec, it is one of the fastest machines on the market.

SIGMA test systems provide analog and digital In-Circuit Test capabilities, Vectorless Testing, Functional Test, Boundary Scan and On-Board programming.

The MTS300 can be integrated into a handling system.

The handling system offers enough space for the MTS300 test system rack plus additional space for IEEE or VXI Instruments.

The press system, driven by a servo motor, allows double-sided fixturing and dual level for both ICT and functional test.

Short wire connections guarantee signal integrity and quality.

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