Examine 2000 - Low cost Tester



Most common manufacturing defects are open or short circuits and missing, miss-oriented or incorrect assembled components.  At the manufacturing line, functional tester, like the EXAMINE 2000™, can quickly and accurately test and identify these types of defects by performing functional tests on specific areas of the circuit.  It is also possible to perform a more thorough test when tester is at the lab.  Some un-powered ICT tests can be generated to isolate such defects in the assembled circuit.

The EXAMINE 2000™ is designed to quickly perform various functional tests, Calibrations and even EEPROM programming on the UUT.  When placed at the assembly line, it is an important tool for quickly and cost-effectively removing any defected product.

Passing the tests set of the EXAMINE 2000™, ensures that the UUT will function as expected in its end environment.



Operating the System

The basic system configuration includes a control module called “Main”.  The Main includes all the electronics and measuring capabilities of the EXAMINE 2000™.  The Main is connected and controlled by a specially designed software, running on a PC with a Windows® operating system.

The UUT is connected to the tester via a bed-of-nails fixed on a replaceable module called “Cross”.  The Cross module is wired according to the UUT and it can support more then one type (depending on UUT configuration).

As soon as the Cross is fixed to the Main a Built-In-Test (BIT) is performed to ensure tester functionality.  All the tester functions are controlled via the windows software.


The system includes:


ý     Main Board – Contain The Matrix ,Measurement Capabilities, Stimulus and all The control Signals

ý     Cross Board – Contain the Interconnect signal between Main board and Fixture UUT, It also contain all the User Relays, and UUT ID switch optional of extension Matrix and Op Amp.

ý      Power Module – Contain System power supplies as well as UUT power supplies.

ý     Led Panel – Display Voltage status and System Status

ý     Keypad – An option for operating Manually the communication with a UUT

ý       Fixture – A manual press fingers mechanism for connecting Unit Under Test to the System. 



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